Dion M. Harris

When was the last time you wrote a letter? Initiated formal business correspondence? How long has it really been since you received a handwritten piece of mail in your mailbox?

Any way you slice it, it’s common knowledge that writing is work. That’s why so few ever exercise – or heed – the urge. Instead, text messaging and telephone calling are the quick and easy methods an overwhelming majority now uses to keep in touch today.

This reality isn’t necessarily paying off for writers, though. Because as fewer people write, even fewer claim to have time for leisure reading. Pausing for the cause to read mail from your loved ones is one thing. Among those who pen articles, prose and the like for a living, however, it’s a tough business. Americans, in particular, are otherwise engaged doing everything else.

Knowledge and craft be damned.

I recently won a lawsuit against a client who used my services for more than a month, then ignored my invoice for five weeks. My professional rate had of course been established upfront, before any work had commenced. However, and to my horror, this business tried negotiating out of our deal by telling me what it thought my work was worth.

Good grief! This was the most offensive part of it all. Aside from the fact that my work was still posted at the business’ website the day its attorneys hauled me into court for a hearing…

Good writing is much more than stringing a series of words together. Good writing illuminates and informs. It has rhythm. It opens up a discussion, answers your most pertinent questions and doesn’t waste space making – or proving – its point. Good writing is fun to read. It demands time and concentration to create.

If you’re thinking about hiring a professional writer to sell your business, create valuable content for your website, edit work someone else made a mess of or execute a business plan to fund your next venture, do remember how integral explaining your idea and creating a visual picture for the banker, venture capitalist or consumer-reader is to reaching your goals.

Then pay the writer promptly and accordingly.

©2015,Dion M. Harris/Be Right Books
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